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Press Release: April 20, 1998
National Energy Marketers Association Announces Broad New Membership Categories and Dues Structure

The Executive Committee of the National Energy Marketers Association (NEMA) voted to open NEMA membership to the all sizes of energy marketers, energy-related service providers as well as to advanced energy technology developers and marketers. "We have structured our memberships to ensure the broadest possible industry representation in the development and implementation of America's energy deregulation and de-monopolization process", says Craig Goodman, NEMA President and former energy policy official in the Reagan and Bush administrations.

"One of the most important benefits of having a truly national organization to advocate pro-marketer policies before utility regulatory bodies is that the costs are spread over the largest possible base, and there is an incredibly rich and diverse intellectual resource base to draw from. Today, utilities have a vast, almost unlimited, financial resource base to use to address the issues presented by deregulation."

"Our member's intellectual capital is just as important as their financial capital. US energy deregulation will be the product of the best policies, the best ideas, plus the ability to bring low-cost, high-quality, energy services and technology to the US consuming public. NEMA's membership and dues structure is designed to enlist the best and brightest from all sectors of the retail and wholesale energy-related supply, services and technology industries."

"NEMA's new organizational structure capitalizes on our member's strengths. We have created and funded an Energy Marketers Coalition (EMC) as the main advocacy arm of NEMA and opened its membership to non-NEMA members as well. We have established a National Energy Services and Technology Steering Committee (NEST) to help develop and implement state and national policies that encourage robust, competitive markets for energy-related services and technology. Many commissions have been hesitant to open local markets for fear that service providers and relevant technology will not be there. Our members represent an incredible resource base to bring the necessary services and technologies to the emerging energy marketplace."

The next meeting is scheduled for May 14th in Denver Colorado. Members will discuss a rough draft of Uniform National Guidelines for Unbundling the Natural Gas and Electric Transmission and Distribution Functions.

Companies interested in joining the National Energy Marketers Association and helping to develop the group's position on these issues should contact Craig Goodman at NEMA headquarters in Washington, DC at (202) 333-3288.

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