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Press Release: June 2, 1998
National Energy Marketers Association Elects National, Regional and Policy Committee Leadership, Announces Two Day Meeting to Draft National Guidelines to Unbundle Electric Transmission, Generation and Distribution Functions and Announces Plans to Offer a National Deregulation Web Site and Online Library to Each PUC, Legislature and Utility In The United States.

The Executive Committee of the National Energy Marketers Association (NEMA) met on May 14 to elect its National, Regional, and Policy Committee Chairs. Legal and Marketing Experts from all over the country were tapped for leadership roles.

At the meeting, an outline of Proposed National Guidelines for Unbundling Natural Gas Distribution Functions was circulated for comment with a final draft to be ironed out on June 12, 1998. An outline of issues to be included as part of NEMA's National Guidelines for Unbundling and Restructuring the Electric Transmission, Generation and Distribution Functions was also circulated. A separate two-day meeting has been called for July 23 and 24, 1998 to craft a working draft of the National Guidelines to unbundling and restructure the electricity markets.

NEMA has announced that it has designed and will shortly launch a major National Online Deregulation Resource and Working Library. NEMA's web development team, led by Cybernet Communications, has designed a fully searchable, state-of-the-art Internet site to house all state, federal, utility and court documents relating to energy deregulation and restructuring.

As a public service, NEMA's master site will be offered free to every state PUC's, state legislature and utility in the country. Regulators, legislators, policymakers and utilities will be given fully searchable individualized sections of NEMA's National Web Site to post unlimited documents, rates, tariffs, pleadings, notices, orders, rulings, bills, testimony, analysis, alerts and any other piece of information of value to the general public, energy suppliers, energy transporters or the consuming pubic.

NEMA is a national, non-profit, trade association representing producers, generators, transporters, and marketers of energy and energy-related information, services, products, and technology throughout the U.S. The National Energy Marketers Association is committed to working with regulatory commissions, consumer representatives, legislators and utilities to devise fair and meaningful ways to implement the final deregulation and competitive restructuring of U.S. markets for natural gas and electricity.

Commissioners, regulators, legislators and staff are encouraged to contact Craig Goodman at NEMA headquarters in Washington, DC at (202) 333-3288 for instructions for setting up, obtaining clearance and accessing your dedicated web site.

The next meeting of the National Energy Marketers Association is scheduled for July 23, 24 to draft National Guidelines for Unbundling Electric Transmission, Generation and Distribution Functions. Companies interested in joining should also contact Mr. Goodman for additional information.

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