Restructuring Today
October 21, 2005

NY's Flynn tells marketers to sell better than now

New York PSC Chairman William Flynn yesterday urged marketers to do a better job of marketing their products and ideas.

          He's frustrated that so few marketers are taking advantage of the PSC's choice website ( where customers can compare offers, he told NEMA members at a roundtable on Capitol Hill.

          The website is the place customers -- and journalists too - go to see what's available to shoppers.

          If they see only three marketers' offers and they've heard six are in the market, they wonder how successful choice really is, Flynn related.

          He'd like to see the website updated more than just once a month so customers always see the latest offers.

          Competitors in the market could help too by educating customers on how easy it is to make a choice.

          "If you're going to compete" with the big utilities, Flynn said, "you have to run."

          Competition-friendly regulators could use marketers' help in lobbying for competitive markets, he added.

          That includes joining business groups who might be disinclined to support deregulation or simply haven't added it to their issue agendas.

          He's seen groups opposed to the system benefits charge (SBC) withdraw their opposition once members began signing up for the efficiency projects and other public-good programs the SBC funds.

          NEMA President Craig Goodman urged his members to support regulators like Flynn who have done so much to advance competition.

          "It doesn't cost a thing," Goodman said, to let them know they're doing good work.

          In the morning Flynn urged members of FERC to take action to get ISOs talking to one another.

          "They're not talking now," he added.

          He was a member of a panel on the outlook for energy and what states are doing along with California PUC President Michael Peevey and Massachusetts' Chair Paul Afonso. 

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