Restructuring Today
July 15, 2005

Meet Bill Kinneary, new top executive of NEMA

NEMA's new top executive William Kinneary is a veteran marketer.

            He gained a national reputation as the head of KeySpan Energy Supply owned by the parent firm of Brooklyn Union Gas.

            He left KeySpan to take over a small marketing firm -- Total Gas & Electric -- that was later sold to MXEnergy.

            Now he is vice president for market development at Infinite Energy of Gainesville, Fla.  Why would he accept the NEMA chairmanship given the added workload?

            Kinneary had been vice chairman in 2000.  He likes the way Craig Goodman, president, and his staff operate.

            He cited Goodman's advocacy for marketers as a major reason. 

            Kinneary left NEMA when he left KeySpan then rejoined from Total. 

            "They do a good job of getting out our message," he added.

            How big is Infinite?

            They serve residential and C&I customers in Georgia.

            Infinite sells to gas customers in Florida too along with gas customers in the footprints of KeySpan, Consolidated Edison, Orange & Rockland and National Fuel.

            All of that brings in about $500 million/year.

            "It's a young, smart and well-directed company," he added.

            It's a company too that's aiming its sights at picking up lots of customers in "the Northeast for gas and electric," Kinneary added.

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