Restructuring Today
July 20, 2005

How do marketers rank state markets?

We asked NEMA President Craig Goodman hearing that the issue came up at NEMA's recent meeting in Buffalo, NY.
      Texas wasn't ranked since NEMA considers the market to be developed and mature and the ranked states reflect places where NEMA members want NEMA to be active in a pro-active, advocacy way, said Goodman.
      New York was out in front as the best. 
      Pennsylvania and New Jersey are tied for second place. Fourth place is a tie with Ohio and Massachusetts. 
      Michigan was ranked sixth.
      Illinois and Maryland tied for seventh.
      Eighth place -- each getting one vote -- were Ontario, California, Georgia, Rhode Island and Delaware.
      Georgia is not much of a concern, he added, obviously talking about the gas market there. 
      "The most interesting states right now are New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ontario, Illinois and California.
      Goodman ranked New York as number one with Pennsylvania and Ohio in a tie for second place. New Jersey is fourth.
      Massachusetts and Michigan are tied for fifth needing serious action to prevent catastrophic backsliding.
      A "major, major bellweather" needing dramatic NEMA action is the TURN action in California where NEMA expects to get active to prevent backsliding via the referendum on ending power markets.

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