Restructuring Today
July 27, 2006

New trend at NEMA executive committee in Chicago

Get Wal-Mart working on consumer benefits

Bill Kinneary of Infinite Energy glided to another year as chairman of the NEMA executive committee while Harry Warren of Washington Gas Energy Services was named vice chair.

          Mark Radtke of WPS Energy and Rick Boyer of Haines Criss+Cross are to lead a big membership drive chairing jointly the national membership committee.

          Committee leaders are:

          Wholesale electricity policy, Steve Wemple (ConEd Energy);

          Wholesale natural gas policy, Steve Sherman (Proliance);

          Retail natural gas policy, Scott White (Interstate Gas Supply);

          Retail electricity policy, Steven Boss (Commerce Energy), Mark Radtke (WPS Energy), co-chairs;

          Coordinated demand, energy security & advanced technology policies -- Bill Mahoney (South Carolina Research Authority), Bob Block (USCL), co-chairs;

          Advanced metering & real-time price transparency -- Kay Fuhrman (Alliance Data Systems), Tom Tamarkin (USCL), co-chairs;

          Consumer benefits, aggregation rights & economic development -- Greg Trimble and Chris Hendrix (Wal-Mart);

          Consumer information, access, use, consolidation & best practices -- Rick Boyer (Haines Criss+Cross), Mickey Gross (Crossfire), Eric Krueger (Power-Direct), Kay Fuhrman (Alliance Data), co-chairs;

          Strategic Non-Fossil Energy Technology Policies -- Tom Djokovich and Joe Grimes (XsunX), co-chairs;

          Risk identification & infrastructure reliability policies -- John McMahon (Orange & Rockland), chair.

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