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NEM Press Releases
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Interview: Is Reliability Undervalued?: NEM CEO and President Craig G. Goodman discusses reliability as a commodity, its effects on infrastructure and the emergencence of the new "Energy Services, Information Technology Industry."
New York Energy Policies : NEM Press Release - New York Announces Energy Policies to Lower Costs and Increase Reliability
Central Husdon agrees to buy marketers' receivables: NEMA President Craig Goodman hopes and expects the NY PSC to use the practice as the standard throughout the state.
NY: Energy Policies to Lower Costs and Increase Reliability: New York Emerges as Leader in Pro-Growth Energy Policies
Marketers urge FERC jurisdiction over smart-power: Restructuring Today article.
NY PSC favors keeping back out credits for marketers: NEMA Comments and Recommendations - Restructuring Today article.
New York Emerges as Leader in Pro-Growth Energy Policies W: Restructuring Today article from July 21, 2004; page 2-3
NEMA in Chicago : Restructuring Today article on NEM June meeting.
ConEd settlement seen as grand oppurtunity for New York: Restructuring Today article June 28, 2004.
NEM Leadership Nominations: NEM Leadership Nominations for 2004-2005
Who pays for risk ?: NEM has disturbing questions about who pay for risk - Restructuring Today Atricle
Pa IOU's should leave power merchanting to Others: NEMA says, Pa IOU's should leave power merchanting to others - Restructuring today article.
A National Perspective on Customer Choice Programs: Craig Goodman's presentation at Retail Power Markets Summit
August Blackout could have been prevented - Wood: Restructuring Today article on Chairman Wood speech at NEM Annual Event.
New breed of regulators urge marketers to come right in: Restructuring Today article.
NEM Press release: National Energy Marketers Association Meets with Federal and State Officials to Foster Price and Technology Competitive Energy Market Designs
Could courts pro-Bell decision have serious energy impacts ?: Restructuring Today Article
Tractebel goal: US number one in retail profits: Restructuring today article.
Orange and Rockland Model Choice Program: NEM urges NYPSC to make Orange and Rockland the Model Customer Choice Program for New York.
Press Release on Senate Version of Energy Bill: Press Release on Senate Version of Energy Bill
April 2003 Conference Press Release: The conference will focus on Congressman Barton’s “Energy Policy Act of 2003,” the latest advances in energy technologies, clearing, trading, risk management, strategies for rebuilding confidence in U.S. energy markets and lowering consumer energy prices.
NEM - Craig Goodman Speech: Electric Advisory Board Open Meeting September 20, 2002
NEM - Competitively-Neutral Wholesale Markets: Are Critical to the Industry, the Economy and the Country
Regulators Urge NEM to Restore Confidence : and Financial Integrity to Energy Market and Include Energy Consumers on its National Policy Development Team
Leaders of NEM Call for Presidential Commission: to Address Credit, Risk and Financial Governance Issues - National Restrucuturing Conference to Focus on Growing Crisis in Energy and Financial Markets
NEM Convened Task Force on Risk to Draft Industry Code: NEM, Wall Street Firms, Accounting and Financial Experts Draft Industry Code for Risk Management and Financial Disclosures.
NEM to Coordinate Industry Effort: To Draft a Master Margin and Netting Agreement. Expansion of Master Wolesale Power Agreement Needed to Address Credit Issues in the Wake of Enron.
NEM - Shareholder and Asset Valuation Issues Raised By Post : September 11, 2001 Events. The Financial, Accounting and Shareholder Valuation Issues.
Leaders of NEM to Fill Energy and Public Policy Void: Created by Enron Collapse. NEM Forms Nationwide Task Forces.
Keynote Speech at Institute of Public Utilities Conference : Craig Goodman's speech urging commissions to apply lessons learned from the telecommunications markets to the restructuring of U.S. energy markets.
NEM Hosted CEO's from U.S., U.K. and Canada: to Discuss Infrastructure and Data Security, Utility Antitrust Violations, and Advanced Energy/Defense Technologies - October 10, 2001
NEM CA Statement in Opposition to Suspend Direct Access : NEM Urges California PUC Not to Abrogate Private Contracts and Impose Regressive Retroactive Tax on CA Citizens
Energy Policies for the 21st Century: Competitive suppliers can only succeed in winning customers away from incumbent utilities if they can offer lower prices, better services, more novel products, services and technologies or all three. Craig Goodman
NEM OP-ED on Federal Legislation: The Law No Longer Protects The Public from Monopoly Pricing, Instead it Protects Monopolies from Competitive Pricing - Craig Goodman
NEM Press Release on Federal Legislation: The Law No Longer Protects Consumers from Monopoly Pricing, but Protects Monopolies from Competitive Pricing - Calls on Congress - Craig Goodman
NEM Calls FERC RTO Order a Milestone Event: Regionalizing Electric Grid will reshape US energy markets for years to come.
NEM Warns Georgetown Manhole Explosion Underscores Needs: For Infrastructure Upgrades, the U.S. has entered the digital age with an energy infrastructure constructed for the industrial revolution.
NEM OP-ED on Energy Shortages, Price Caps and WPT: Energy Policies That Can Lower Prices and Lead Us Out of This Crisis Quickly, Lessons Never Learned
NEM Calls for Targeted Incentives in Energy Plans: Calls for Targeted Incentives for New Supplies, Conservation, Infrastructure and Technology.
NEM Formulates Responses to West-Coast Energy Crisis: for the Bush Administration and Congress, Supply Shortages and Price Spikes Impact US & Global Economies
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