National Energy Marketers Association


Executive Committee

and Policy Development Meeting




July 9-10, 2007


Spring Hill Suites Chicago

Galleria Room

4305 Weaver Parkway

Warrenville, Illinois 60555

(630) 393-0400


Casual Attire


July 9, 2007

9:00AM-10:00AM     Breakfast – Spring Hill Suites Chicago

10:00AM                    Executive Committee Meeting Called to Order


10:00AM-12:00PM   Review Advocacy Priorities and Prioritize Issues of Import to Members for Remainder of 2007 

                                                Moving Retail Markets Forward:  What retail jurisdictions are at risk for retrenchment?  How can we best counteract that movement?  What retail jurisdictions are progressing in retail market development?  How can we best support those efforts?  How can we renew Commission interest in existing and new marketer referral and other choice programs that accelerate consumer migration?

12:00PM-1:30PM      Working Lunch - Cost of Capital:  How can we work more closely with the financial services and banking community to lower credit and financing costs to members?


                                    Introduction of New Membership Benefit Program:


                                                Financial Products to Include:

1.      Accounts Receivable Financing/POR Financing/Asset Based Lending

2.      Accounts Payable Financing/Vendor Payment Program

3.      Inventory Financing

4.      Equipment Financing

5.      International Financing


1:30PM-3:30PM        Executive Committee Debate and Vote on Recommendations on Key Energy Restructuring Issues

                                    21st Century Energy Consumer:  What are the impediments that mass market and large consumers face in realizing the full benefits of retail and wholesale energy competition?  What is the next frontier for consumer-centric, value-added energy products?


                                    Going Green:  What are the pro-growth, market-based and environmentally responsible solutions to climate change (carbon mitigation, credit trading)?  How can retail energy marketers profit from the “going green” movement?  How should legislation/regulation support this movement?           


                                    Real-Time Pricing Imperative:  How can we overcome political fears and rhetoric to empower end-use consumers with the price signals they need?  What will it take to get regulators/utilities to embrace the advanced energy technologies that support these price signals?      


New Generating Capacity:  How can regulations be designed and implemented to incent utilities to reallocate resources to infrastructure and out of competitive functions, thereby earning greater returns and lowering the utilities’ overall cost of capital? How can energy competition increase energy supply reliability, lower energy costs and lower regulatory risks?  Why are utilities any better at competitive supply functions than they were at the inception of deregulation?  Why is it a good idea today for ratepayers to bear the risk and expense of utility cost overruns and inefficiencies?  How do we redefine the length of long-term commitments that financial institutions will accept to back new plants?


3:30PM-4:30PM        Nomination and Election of National/Regional Policy Chairs, Co-Chairs and Leadership Team

4:30PM                       Adjourn 

Shuttle to Goeken Group Corp.

1751 W. Diehl Road

Naperville, IL


5:00PM-7:00PM        Goeken Group Corp. – Reception and Awards Ceremony




July 10, 2007

8:00AM                      Breakfast – Spring Hill Suites Chicago


8:30AM-9:30AM       Conclude Executive Committee Debate and Vote on Recommendations on Key Energy Restructuring Issues


9:30AM-11:00AM     Review Public Relations Initiative, Outline Next Steps


11:00AM-12:00PM   Other New Business


12:00PM                   Adjourn